Monday, April 8, 2013

hello (Week 30)

Well hi!
Wow, so many things I don't even know where to begin. Thanks for all the emails. I loved them. I was definitely ready to hear how home is. As for investigators listening to conference- we had zippo. It's been quite frustrating, but I thought we would have one watch it but oh well. All in the Lord's time. I wish it would just go faster though. I loved Pres Uchtdorf's talk because it was just so good and powerful and so many things he said I really needed to hear. I also loved Elder Cook's on missionary work. I needed some of that stuff too and so did our ward. You can't do missionary work without the ward helping you. And of course Holland was just amazing as well. Did you catch an overall theme this time? Also, another temple in Utah???  It seems like the weather is warming up there. For the most part it is here as well. 
Let's see, I think this area was really just supposed to humble me and break me until I am nothing. haha Wednesday nothing worked out, and on tuesday are you ready for this...we had eight investigators drop us!! Yay! ha Such a miserable day, but also a miracle because we were able to find all of them home and talk to them before they dropped us. It was so hard, but that night as we were talking it was funny because we both were feeling calm and ok. I just have to trust in the Lord and know that He is looking out for us and He knows what is best. He knows what needs to happen here in this area to help us further the work, so you just have to go with it, and keep working. It's hard though to keep pushing everyday and keeping your faith strong all the time when everything seems to be crashing and burning instead of building up. But, that's where I have turned to prayer and reading the book of mormon. I absolutely love reading that book because it makes me feel so good and I feel so peaceful as I read it!! I'm addicted to it and think that personal study is too short!! haha If I don't see any success here I know that I have had success with myself, because I have changed so much here. I have truly learned that you have to let the Lord have control and let Him do what is supposed to happen. He has a greater plan for each one of us and you just have to roll with the punches. Even though I have been knocked down so many times here I'm trying to find the good and I'm still saying hi to everyone and just being happy since I have the gospel of Jesus Christ and am His missionary!! Sis Gubler doesn't like saying hi to everyone, so she has been impressed since even though so many people ignore me I still say hi to everyone! ha This area is fun though. There are some awesome things here, and some of the ward members are just awesome!
Oh, this you probably won't like, but Mom you are reading this so I'm alive!! (although at the time I really wasn't sure what would happen). We went out pretty far into our area on Thursday to have dinner with some members and to see some investigators. When we left Lewisburg it was starting to rain/sleet, and kept doing that and getting harder. We were eating dinner and then we looked out and it had turned into like a full blown snowstorm. The flakes were huge!!! So, we ditched the plans we had there after and decided to head to Lewisburg to stay safe. We got out to the interstate just fine and were going along. I was going like 45-50 just to stay safe. We were talking about driving in the snow, and how you can know when you slide and what to do since Sis Gubler has never driven in snow. We were coming over the top of a really big hill as we were talking about sliding, and then we got to have a real life experience with it! All of a sudden we had no grip on any of the tires and the left side started swinging out so I turned left, then it went right, I went right, then left, then right. As I was turning right all of a sudden the whole car just swung around really fast and we were horizontal on the interstate as the car kept sliding. Then right as we were getting to the end of the pavement and to the ditch in the middle the car just stopped. I turned the car around and right then a car came over the hill, and then as we started going again a whole bunch of cars came over the hill. It was intense. Sister Gubler was just terrified in her seat because she was so scared, and I was just in a kind of shock even though I was laughing at times. It was a miracle. That hill was huge and as we started sliding I honestly thought we were going to slide down the whole thing, or we would roll into the ditch, or I don't even know what. My mind just blanked in a way. I know that the Lord was with us though because my reflexes to turning the car were spot on. I know that He was guiding my hands to be in the right spot, and that He was watching out for us. We thought it weird that no cars were around us, but now we know why and we are very grateful for it. I don't know why the car just suddenly stopped, but I know that the Lord made it stop because we needed to be kept safe. We found out later the interstate that we were on had been closed because there was a bad accident on it. My testimony was definitely strengthened and I know that the Lord is watching out for me!
Let's see, on saturday morning we helped build a bike trail by digging into the mountain and carving it out. It was awesome but I am so sore now. The Greenbrier State Forest is so pretty! That's about all I've got for now. Sister Gubler is doing fairly well.   Her homesickness is getting better. She has her moments, but so do I :p  We are trying to stay humble here because we need the Lord's help. It's been a struggle since we only have like 2 investigators and we can't find anymore, but hopefully I'm just planting seeds though. We're trying! I miss you all and hope that you are doing well. I'm doing well! Keep praying for us please! I can feel them strengthening me here!! I really do love it though even if it sounds like I complain a lot. I love it and am learning so much! The church is true!! :)
Lots of Love, Sister Higgins!

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