Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hello! (Week 41)

Well hello family!!
This week flew by for us as well and I don't even know what happened really because it went by so quickly! Thanks for the emails...even if they were both short. At least I got mail though! Sorry you all are so busy with everything but I'm sure your vacation was worth it! Thanks for the pictures. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! I am jealous! haha Lindsey- it looks like you have a little thumb sucker on your hands! At least she is super cute though! I can't believe how big she is! Holy cow! She looks so different and grown up! I don't like missing the kids grow up :( The boys look so big too! Also, I loved your dress that you had on for graduation! You looked really good! Mom- I loved the picture of you holding emry and you look super skinny in the picture on your balcony! Nice work! Everyone looks good to me! 
Yes, I watched the broadcast last night too! I thought you would be crying at times mom ;) Our ward didn't announce it til yesterday, but I think people watched it in our ward. It would be such a great help to us to get the work going faster in our area because it was focused on how the members can help us as missionaries. Our ward is good, but I think they can get a lot more involved and things would pick up more. I think some people just think that we do all the work, but really we can't do anything without the members. Tracting is not as successful as talking with someone who knows a member and being there with them. So, it will definitely help. I received a lot of answers for personal questions that I was having and so that was good. I loved how they had the missionaries singing and I loved listening to the prophet and apostles. One thing that Sister Patchett and I talked about yesterday after it, is that we really loved it, but we would have liked to hear more. There was good council and a lot of inspiring words and I really liked how they did everything. But, at times I felt like it was just like 'look what can happen, now do this' and then sometimes they didn't explain how we could get to that point. But, I enjoyed it though and really liked it because the Lord knows exactly what I am thinking and feeling, and what some of the people said was in exact words of things that I was thinking and wondering about. So, I know that He is aware of me! :) Dad- yes, we go to ward council. 
So, one thing that has been really cool to see is what our cards have done to the ward! We got all the ones that came back to us and gave them to bishop yesterday and he was so excited, proud, and thankful to us for doing that because now they can figure out the roster better. So many people talk about the cards and how they are hanging up on their fridge and how that was just so wonderful! They said that even though they are not less active the card really helped their family with things that they were struggling with. So, that has been a builder for me that we needed to do that and that it was truly inspired! It's just cool how we hear little comments about how it helped this less active and now they want to come to church again, or how it helped this struggling member, or how it was just so thoughtful of us, or how smart. It has been a week of little compliments and miracles everywhere. Another thing, was that we got a referral from a bishop like two weeks ago. We couldn't catch her for a couple days. Then I just felt like we needed to get her flowers. So, we got flowers and she was again gone from work, but I just wrote a note to her and we left them there. That was last Friday. That sunday our bishop said that she had been talking to one of our members saying how nice and caring that was from us, and that maybe she ought to talk to us more. Then yesterday our bishops wife told us that this woman wants us to help her in some way (I said in the card we wanted to help her in any way that we could), so she was trying to think of things for us to do. Then she handed us a card from her which was super nice, just thanking us for everything and for the care in her time of great need. It's just so exciting for me to see this all start to happen in this last little bit because since I got to this area it's been hard, but it's coming together now and I am so happy!!!
We really wanted to teach this one guy cause he had been reading some stuff and said it was interesting, but he says with his work schedule he won't be able to meet with us. We've been texting him though and it is really good. He thinks that we are just the nicest people, and is so grateful to have met us because he says that he doesn't usually meet friendly people but we are just wonderful! We are going to try to see what we can do with him.
We also are going to a bbq on sunday with our family that we picked up last Saturday. We wanted to meet with them either yesterday or Saturday but they weren't able to, but she called us and wants us to come over, and she will have a friend there and we will teach them too. I am so excited for them because they are just so prepared...they just don't realize it all the way right now :p  
On Saturday, we had breakfast with an investigator who said that she is our spiritual mother (she's the one we went to church with.) I don't know if she is all the way prepared right now or not. We are trying to figure out the best approach to teach her because it seems like she always wants to quote the bible, one up us, and teach us. So, I don't know, but I DO know that we needed to meet her and be there for her right now. We went in and immediately I knew that something was off and that something was wrong with her. I didn't want to pry so we just went along and just loved her and didn't say anything. Then she just kind of broke down after breakfast and told us things that were going on and I felt so badly for her. She couldn't even explain how incredibly grateful she is for us because she needs us so much right now. She knows God sent us to her for a reason to love, support, and uplift her and she is so grateful to us. She calls us her two little angels! I told her I was grateful that she trusted us to tell us that stuff because I knew something was off but didn't want to ask. Then she proceeded to tell me that I was more than a missionary...that I was a prophetess as well. Er...haha that was a little interesting, but I do know that I came to White Sulphur to meet her and help her! :)
We went to a llama festival and that was fun although like no one was there! I got to get a picture with a llama though!! :) Oh, one more cool thing. We were teaching the plan of salvation to a member couple Saturday night (they fed us indian curry cause she is indian. It was super good, but so hot! I was almost crying and my nose was running, but I ate it!! :) That was the first time Sister Patchett had curry and she was struggling! haha!) So, we taught them and I was dying with laughter because they kept pulling jokes, getting into 'arguements' in the lesson, and I don't know what. It was so much fun, but it was funny because it was one of the most spiritual and best lessons we've had too! I love them! At the end I was going to just bear my testimony to them about it and we would end the lesson. We got to that point and my mind was blank. I could not pull anything out of it to say to them. All I could feel was an overpowering sense of love for them that I knew was coming from our Heavenly Father, and He was showing that love through and to me. So, I just started talking and it was so amazing because things that I didn't know I was going to say were just coming out of my mouth and the spirit that came into that room was so strong. It was testifying of the love for them from our Heavenly Father. It was so cool! We don't know what they are going through and what they are needing, but God does. As we are trying to speak for Him, He will put the words into our mouths that they need to hear to comfort them and strengthen them. That is exactly what happened then and it strengthened my testimony so much!
My testimony is growing so much and I have been feeling so good and happy the last little while! In like the past week and a half, since my blessing I have changed and am getting answers everyday to things that I need. I have been feeling confident and it shows. Sister Patchett said that too. I think some people now stare at me because I am just too happy! haha I am absolutely loving serving with Sister Patchett!!!! She is incredible and amazing and I just love her so much!!! The Lord knows exactly what we need! 
We are in Covington right now for a district pday and I do not miss the smell here. yuck! Anyways, I love you all and hope that you are doing wonderful! Have a fantastic week and know that I am doing well! Just keep praying that we will find investigators and see success in our area. It's coming though!! I love you!! Sorry this is so long!!!
                                                         Love, Sister Higgins  

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