Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hello from West Virginia! (Week 39)

(Sorry this post is so late - Jenna sent the email to us last Monday,  but we were on vacation with very limited internet availability!)  

Hello again family!

I never have any cool titles for my emails, but today I thought this was cool! :) Maybe it's also because of lack of sleep and having a ton of other things on my mind but that's ok. Thanks for the emails! Dad- way to shaft me. What's more important a cruise or your daughter?! haha I liked your email though. Sister Gubler is still out and I think doing alright now. She was with Sister Tuckett for a transfer (she's the one who helped me out with my training.. She is an awesome missionary.)  I'm so glad that Sister Patchett came here. She is amazing!!! I love her soooo much! We have already decided that for the next 8 months we are going to stay companions (probably in white sulphur still, but we are also open to the idea of being transferred together), and then I will extend my mission so we can still be companions til Sister Patchett finishes her mission. Yep, already decided! Yes! haha It is such a joy to serve with her though because we both help and teach each other so much, and it is fun to be with her! I'm glad that you liked talking to Sister Meyer and Sister Bikman on the phone!!! I just love both of them so much, but unfortunately they are both in Utah for the next long time! Booo!! That was a lot of compliments that they gave me that I don't deserve, but I'm glad that they recognize that I am really trying! Even though we aren't having like any success here I am still trying and just loving everyone as much as I can.

Let's see, today it has been raining all day long!! So miserable but oh well. At least it's not that hot today and not that humid either so I'm not complaining! Basically all that happened this week is that I have now become a professional mover!! I helped move three families this week, painted walls, and cleaned houses! We were so incredibly exhausted, but at the same time we were so filled with happiness because we were serving people so much and they were appreciative of it. It was cool to see how grateful people were for our help. One family was just moving down the street and that move was huge, but we worked so hard and got things done for them. Sister Ott just ran out of words of how grateful she was for us because if it wasn't for us then they wouldn't have gotten it done or been ready. She said in church as well how much she appreciated our hard work. That was really neat and made me feel good. I feel like the ward is more receptive to us helping them and with others saying how much it helped it gets to others too. Things are changing here...slowly, but it's coming. I know it is. I'm not trying to brag either, but I really feel like I did most of that because when I got here it was not good. It has steadily been getting better though, and I know that this transfer is just going to be great. 

President and Sister Pitt stopped by on saturday to talk to us on their way through and that was so great to just talk to President by myself in person. He is amazing! He said I was doing a marvelous job and to just keep going and things will get better. He offered to give me a blessing as well, and it was perfect!! Things he said in there surprised me and others just comforted me and lifted me up. I know that this transfer is going to be a special one because he said things about it too! I just love it! I have never done anything so freaking hard, but it is also so rewarding and it is all a learning and preparing process!! I love representing the Savior and being a missionary to help others!

Let's see. We sent all of our cards out and are getting a lot back but we are also helping a lot of people too. All the active members loved it. I think I told you that we got a card from a less active woman expressing her love for us and thanking us for our care and concern. Yesterday our Bishop told us something about it as well. He said that a less active woman who hasn't come to church in 3-4 years (she and her husband were offended) came and talked to him at his work and said that she got a letter inviting her to come back to church. We didn't invite her in the letter but it just hit her that way because of the love that we had in the card. She said that she wants to come back to church and it was because of that card. She has never had a greater desire than now to come back to church and to be in that wonderful environment again. She is worried about what she has missed, and was so grateful for the card that we sent her. It was so amazing! That made me feel really good!

One of the most interesting things I guess though that happened was that we went to church with our investigator Judy last night. That was interesting. It was a penecostal church I think and it was an experience for both of us. There was a lot of singing, and crazy praising, and falling to the floor. I don't know. I felt so overwhelmed and did not feel the spirit at all, but I had a really cool experience there. They had a time for praying and healing and Sister Patchett and I were just sitting down and saying silent prayers to ourselves. I was praying and knew that Heavenly Father was with me, and as I was saying that I felt the spirit just encircle me and I knew that Heavenly Father was there and that He loved me. So neat. I will have to tell you more about that whole experience later, but going there only strengthened both of our testimonies that we have the true restored gospel. I am so thankful to be able to have the Holy Ghost and to have so much more knowledge! I love this gospel!! It's amazing!! I love you all and hope you are doing well! The library is really full today. I will try to send pictures today but if not then next week. Love you and have a wonderful week!     

                                   Love, Sister Higgins

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